Young Adult Discipleship

Pamoja Ministries is Discipling Cultures Through Media

Some of the most dramatic stories of transformation that have been witnessed in East Africa recently hinge on the youth and young adult demographic. This is a huge group of people with relatively low education, a never before seen level of connectivity to the world, and aspirations that are way beyond the realm of possibility. The youth of Africa represent some of the most powerful change agents any society anywhere has ever seen. They are disaffected with today, desperate for a hope and a future, and willing to change. They are engaged fully with modern and post-modern culture, they are gathering rapidly in the cities, and they are waiting for a cause that they can give their lives to.

The Goal:

We aim to create a movement, through media, to harness this youth culture to the yoke of Christ – we need to push them into active service – of God, of family, of community, and nation. We need to ground them with Biblical values and a worldview that gives meaning to the shifting world around them, and a clear call to action for them to follow.

The Method:

Building on the success of Nipe Jibu, and the café, Chai Pepe, that features prominently in the movie, we aim to create characters that are instantly relatable, exciting and dynamic, and produce a “radio show on television” which pretends to be a radio show, but which is actually on tv, with humour as the foil for discipleship and engagement in the issues and opportunities of the day.

The Need:

We will need a sound guy who is as good on stage as off, a videographer or two, a director, two hosts, a music director, and a studio.

Next Steps:

If we’re going to have the Chai Pepe project up and running by 2017, we’re going to need you to help us with recruiting and fundraising.

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