Church Mobilization

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The Situation:

The Church of Jesus Christ, his beautiful bride, is, despite all opposition, the tool that Christ uses over and over to change the world. This unlikely group of people, desperate sinners saved by grace, is the only plan that God has for reaching the world. Today in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and throughout East Africa, the call is to mobilize the church. Where no one else can go, this church can go, and can radically change the world. But there are deep issues in the worldview of the people – insecurities, divisions, needs, and misunderstandings – that need to be addressed.

The Goal:

We aim to mobilize the unmobilized Church. We will take the idea of the magazine ministry whose fruit we saw clearly for 15 years, and to release it across the region as a tool to shape worldviews with the goal of creating Christians and communities of Christians who understand who God is, who they are, and why they are here. As each of us begins to understand the nature of God, who we are, and why we were created, we will see people released from the shackles of normal life, called into ministry – not only as vocational ministers, but as people meeting the needs of our communities. We have a huge amount of material, we hear the cry of the people of God, and we want to respond.

The Method:

We aim to create a series of magazines which will be deployed in a print-on-demand model always beginning with Issue 1. As new subscriptions are sponsored, a Christian will begin to receive the magazine, starting with the first issue, and following through periodically. Once a subscriber catches up with the number of magazines available, another person will receive issue 1, etc. In this way, over time, an ever-increasing number of Christians will receive each of the issues available.

In order to be effective, we will need an online subscription system that allows people to request a subscription, or to sponsor a subscription. We would aim to give each person on the subscription waiting list a unique number which someone else could then use to sponsor them individually, thus bringing together donors and subscribers.

The Need:

Of all the streams, this is the one with the most needs, both financially and in terms of people skills. From printing equipment to module sponsorship, there are tremendous financial opportunities here, but there are also skilled people required: a subscription manager, a web back-end manager, an editor, a skilled printer, and a promoter/fundraiser are all required to make this fly.

Next Steps:


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