Jeremy Feser

As the Director of Operations, it’s Jeremy’s job to keep the foundations of Pamoja growing at a rate that can support the ministry. Jeremy is a big picture thinker who loves taking a new idea all the way through to done. He oversees all aspects of Pamoja’s day-to-day operations, and also sits as a member […]


Every element of making ministry go on can have its own challenges. Over the last while, one of the main challenges we’ve had is keeping our printing setup going. 5 months on, we still don’t have an eta for the container that is en route to us, carrying the printers and ink we so desperately […]


These days it seems that there is more wildlife coming through Pamoja again. It comes in waves, with the rains. About a week ago, Kirsten came running over to tell us that she had a “huge gecko” outside her place. It turned out to be a 3-foot monitor lizard. Then today, out of the corner […]

This is Life

The very beginning of what would eventually evolve into Pamoja Ministries was when the Feser family were living in Kinshasa, Zaire (present day Democratic Republic of the Congo), called by God to help train leaders in Nzambe Malamu churches. We experienced overwhelming revival with signs and wonders, and we also saw the incredible need for […]

Looking at Success

What would the world look like if we were successful? In what ways would our vision change the world? These are useful questions in evaluating a vision, so here are a few of our thoughts: If Pamoja were to succeed… … the best media in Africa would glorify God and engage the culture. The Church […]

It’s in the (e)Mail

If you didn’t get that email from me, I am very sorry. Working in Africa provides an additional layer of complications to the average work day. Our Internet connection leaves much to be desired. Because of the extremely low bandwidth (from 0.1KB/s to 10.0 KB/s is normal), using the Internet at Pamoja Ministries can prove […]