For over 20 years, Pamoja has been producing, translating, printing, and distributing discipleship media. We are located in Arusha, Tanzania, between Mt Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti plains. Our 4.5 acre base is home to to our studio, offices, and houses. Over the last 7 years we have been expanding rapidly - construction continues non-stop it seems If you're the kind of person who enjoys that, check out our site plan, organize a building team, make a donation, or just send an email to see how you could help out!
We are constantly involved in media, and right now is no exception. There are some things, like The Shepherd's Staff, that we have been involved in for years, and others, like the children's series Njia Njema, that are brand new. Some things, like our feature film Nipe Jibu, are huge projects requiring many people and long timelines. Others, like the Financial Literacy materials, take a small, dedicated group of people, and still others, like the Our Father album from The En-kata Choir, take only a few weeks with the right expert on hand. Whatever is going on, you can be sure that we could use your skills here!
Lives are transformed daily because of the amazing group of missionaries and volunteers that have gathered here. Some come for a few months, others for years. You could become one of us. In fact, we need you to come! Have a look at our recruiting needs and decide how you can help.

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