Urbana 2015

In 2012, we made our first ever trip to Urbana as Pamoja Ministries, and we set up our booth and waited to see what would happen. The teaching was excellent (Bishop Calisto Odede’s Exposition on Luke was magnificent), the worship was fantastic (no personalities, just praise), the food was… well… we didn’t go for the food, did we? But the experience was amazing for us. We were able to connect with hundreds of college students who were feeling God pushing them towards missions, and we were able to give some a push in a direction that saw them go to the mission field elsewhere, and we were able to give some a pull that saw them join Pamoja in Arusha Tanzania.

In fact, this December, our booth will be (wo)manned by one of our U12 recruits alongside long term members of the team.

We are looking forward to Urbana 15.

In fact, we are so excited that when we were given the opportunity by Intervarsity and the Urbana team to participate in a new sponsorship program, we immediately signed up. So, here’s how it works:

If you are an 18-25 year old who is feeling like God is calling them to go into missions and you fit into any of the following categories, then we’d like to talk to you. We’ll do a Skype call, chat a little bit about your dreams, your calling to missions, and if it’s a good fit, we’d love to help sponsor you to get to Urbana. We’ll sponsor up to 20 students this year. We get your attention, you get mentoring, and a $100 discount on your Urbana registration.

I’m in Graphic Design
I’m in Animation
I’m in Finance
I’m in Communication
I’m in Video Production
I’m in Something Else … but I really think you should consider me!

Don’t worry, being sponsored doesn’t lock you into anything… not even a newsletter subscription, much less an obligation to pack your bags. What it does do is give us a chance to connect, get to know each other, talk through your call, and hopefully help you find exactly what God is calling you to go do. And yes, we do hope you’ll join Pamoja. But that’s up to you and God and a few months of good conversations. So get back up there and click that button now, to fill out an application, and we’ll talk soon!

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