These days it seems that there is more wildlife coming through Pamoja again. It comes in waves, with the rains. About a week ago, Kirsten came running over to tell us that she had a “huge gecko” outside her place. It turned out to be a 3-foot monitor lizard. Then today, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a long tail go dashing behind the house. Given that our kitchen door stays open virtually all the time, I was concerned, and it seems rightfully so – a lone vervet monkey took quite a bit of convincing before he moved on.

Okay, it’s really cool to have vervet monkeys around, but I really really want them to stay away from my house! If you know anything at all about monkeys, they are notorious thieves.

Besides the lizards and the monkeys, we have bushbabies in the trees at night alongside fruit bats, and I’m happy to say that the hornbills and egrets and hawks and sundry other big birds that hang around these parts are out in full force. And I’m much less happy about the tiny little cobra we saw the other day.

So I think I might keep the kitchen door closed for a while.

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Jeremy is the Director of Operations at Pamoja Ministries. When he's not updating the budget, communicating with future recruits, or producing a tv series, he'll be at home hanging out with his amazing family, or out riding his bike across the Simanjiro plain.

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